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September 2014
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Easter Mass

Easter Mass

Holy Week ceremonies in the Basilica of the Assumption in Prague's Strahov in 2010

28th March Palm Sunday

10.00 consecration of palms and the procession from the church. Rocha in the basilica, the pontifical Mass. (Choral Passion according to St.. Luke)
18.00 Mass celebrated. to commemorate the Lord's entrance into Jerusalem (choral Passion according to St.. Luke)

1st  April Maundy Thursday

17.00 to St. opportunity. confession
18.00 pontifical Mass. in memory of the Last Supper with washing of the feet, after the transfer of the Blessed Sacrament in the Garden of Gethsemane
20.00 adoration in the Garden of Gethsemane
21.00 Officium lectionis the Good Friday Lamentations are sung, kompletář

2nd April Good Friday

8.00 Lauda and third
17.00 to St. opportunity. confession (whether after the ceremony - as required)
18.00 pontifical ceremonies in commemoration of the Passion of Our Lord (collection for the Holy Land), choral Passion according to St. Jan
20.00 Way of the Cross from the Strahov Monastery Petrin Hill to St. Lawrence
21.00 Officium lectionis of Holy Saturday is sung Lamentations, kompletář

3rd April Holy Saturday

8.00 Lauda and third
8.30 Final rites catechumenate
18.30 Evensong
20.30 pontifical ceremonies, and the Easter Vigil Mass.

4th April RESURRECTION Sunday of the Lord - Easter Sunday

8.00 Lauda and third
10.00 pontifical Mass. the blessing of food
17.00 baptismal Vespers
18.00 Mass celebrated. (At it: Joseph Haydn: Harmoniemesse B flat major), performs the Strahov church choir and orchestra, conducted by V. Roubal.

Good Friday and Holy Saturday the basilica is open continuously from 8.00 to 22.00 hours
for private adoration.